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The destroyer of all ailments - an excellent soap for everyone . Neem or sandalwood soap - straightaway, when you sue our soap, you will know from the feel and texture this is trust wholesome soap like no other.

In India, they say neem oil is "the defeater of all ailments" - thus a great ingredient in soap. Our neem soap is almost 50% neem oil pressed from seeds of the neem tree. Helpful for dry skin issues including eczema and other bothering skin problems.

Use also instead of liquid shampoo for clean healthy hair. Free from artificial chemicals. No animal fats. Good and natural.

Also sandalwood soap made with a blend of real powder and oil from the sandalwood tree.

Triple milled soap with the moisturising glycerine retained.

Here's your opportunity to try it. For only £16 you can order 4 generous 125g bars, including free p&p in UK. Choose any combination - 4 the same or your assortment of both soaps.

For speedy service, order at - where other ideas also await you!


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