FIRST TIME ENTRY INTO SERVICE ROLE DESIRED. Kent area preferred but not essential, multi location, UK Europe? Long standing technical engineer seeks exit from present surroundings. Home base Canterbury with daily commute to London routine. Located conveniently near Dover port, Ideal for driving people UK/Europe if air travel is presently undesirable with movement of vehicles/baggage/equipment. Skills - Diesel generators, Home oil tank husbandry, Driving, electro/mechanical repairs, vehicle husbandry/vintage car repair (machinist home workshop), contractor handling, pest shooting/gun care SGC FAC, Have driven to Kiev Ukraine with regular trips to Trie-Sur-Baise. Apply for CV, Any combination of activity considered, How much can you offset my salary by having me undertake tasks for you in the garage? Motor Racing? . 45, Male, English. Some British Sign Language as 2nd language. Tel. 07732 069218

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